Sofia Kohanenko Adds Illusions in Real Life Photos

Learn how Sofia expresses here emotions through digital art and which editing apps she uses on her iPhone.

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Hi Sofia! Tell us a bit about yourself

Hello, my name is Sofia Kohanenko. I come from Saint-Petersburg, a town in the northwest of Russia. I’m a second-year student in Russian Technical University. Creating designs and edits is my hobby.


How did you start doing digital art?

I am illustrating my thoughts since young age, when I was taught how to hold a pencil. I have started to draw and edit digitally when I was fifteen. 

For a few years I was trying different software on personal computer and mobile apps to find new ways to express my thoughts and ideas. For four years I have created more than one hundred artworks and tried over fifty different softwares. Now I use constantly thirteen mobile apps on my iPhone and Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Lightroom on my personal computer.


Where do you find inspiration? How do you decide what project to start?

In 2015 I’ve found absolutely amazing photos magazine ‘Unsplash‘. Since I’ve started creating art with professional photographers works, I began to find inspiration in outward things. Also, I really enjoy spending my free time thinking about things, so I hold visions in my head and turn them into edits or designs.


You have a great artistic style! How did your style form and evolve?

I have started editing with adding illusions in real life photos. For the first time my edits were just for fun, but since few months I have started loving it. Usually, I illustrate my emotions and thoughts, so my edits represent the images in my head. In part, through them you can observe the formation of personality.


What apps do you use in your workflow and how does Trigraphy fit in it?

Art is free zone for you to express your feelings. Difficulties with illustrating the ideas can freeze creative activity, which cause writer’s block. Nowadays we have an opportunity to use any options from different apps to express exactly the same idea as you want to illustrate: 3-D modeling, digital drawing canvas, layers work, text editing… Huge range of opportunities to create art. I have few apps, which I’ve been using for more than two years: PicsArt, Matter App, Handy Photo, Glitché, Trimaginator and Vintage Design.
During the lack of creativity I have stumbled on Trigraphy App. The way algorithms in this app create prints, geometry, mirror objects are fantastic. Also, I was shocked when I have unlocked absolutely unique editing tools just for a few dollars. I really enjoy adding different styles from Trigraphy in my edits, so they look abnormally giddy stylish!


What advice can you give to young digital artists?

Feel free to create everything you have imagined in your head. Every masterpiece can start new art-flow in creative community!
I’ve destroyed enormous amount of artworks because I thought they look weird. Now I can only represent that ideas, which had been irretrievably deleted.


Share some of the artists that you follow or admire.

I find new artists to follow every week, but these people I follow for more than a year: @slimesunday @leftfield_corn @meyoko @drawinds

We want to thank Sofia for sharing her story with us.
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Публикация, споделена от ⚡️ Sofia Kohanenko ⚡️ (@sofia_koha) на

Публикация, споделена от ⚡️ Sofia Kohanenko ⚡️ (@sofia_koha) на