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Zak has multiple interests - he coaches gymnastics, makes music/visual art and just released his debut vinyl LP. He shares with us how he uses Trigraphy in his creative flow.

Hi, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi! My name is Zak and I create music and art under the moniker “invention”. I live in Canada where I spend my time coaching competitive gymnastics and making music/visual art. Movement really helps to spark my creativity! The gym is like my second home, and some of my inspiration comes from my life there.

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How are you using it?

I really like the ESTE filters. The textures you can create with them fit really well with the nature theme of my work. For example, and I can’t even remember exactly how this one started, but I was working on a piece using a photo that I manipulated with “Glitche”, and once I applied the ESTE filters from Trigraphy, I thought it resembled long golden grass. I then used the apps “Flood” (for the water reflection), “Union” (to blend the shore line), “Snapseed” (for the lens blur effect) and lastly “Mextures” (final touches) to create a grassy shore landscape out of it.

What was the reason to install Trigraphy?

I first stumbled across Trigraphy on the app store while searching for new tools to add to my process of creating digital art, and I fell in love instantly!

Tell us more about your work

I make instrumental beats under the moniker “invention_” and use the art I create as cover art for my SoundCloud uploads, and sometimes I make album covers for other artists!

I just released my debut vinyl LP through German hip hop platform Radio Juicy, titled “hibernature”! It's 15 tracks of nature inspired instrumental lo-fi hip hop! Lots of piano, bass, and some odd little synths. Check it out:

Is there something that you wish to tell the people reading this?

Don’t litter!

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We want to thank Zak for sharing his story with us.
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