Learn how Sofia expresses here emotions through digital art and which editing apps she uses...
Zak has multiple interests - he coaches gymnastics, makes music/visual art and just released his debut vinyl LP. He shares with us how he uses Trigraphy in his creative flow.
We present Nate Hill - a digital artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Nate tells us the story of his path as an artist , how he started and what drives him to create new art.
We present you Matt Mills - an abstract digital artist from Texas. His interest in drawing and computers led him having multiple skills in digital art. Matt talks about the evolution of his style and what keeps him motivated.
Luna Ljis is a modern artist living from Germany. Starting from traditional painting in her teens, she moved on to digital abstract art using multiple mobile apps. In this interview she shares her experience and how-to knowledge.
Aleksandar Bubalo is our first interview in our Trigraphy Artists Stories. We will introduce people that are using our photo editor app and how it helped them express their creativity.