Aleksandar Created His First Exhibition Using Trigraphy

Aleksandar Bubalo is our first interview in our Trigraphy Artists Stories. We will introduce people that are using our photo editor app and how it helped them express their creativity.

Hi, Aleks! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello, my name is Aleksandar Bubalo. I’m from Belgrade, but I’m living and studying Fine Arts in Vienna. At the moment I’m working on my diploma – a short movie about Serbian contemporary dancing.

Do you have any hobbies?

When I was younger I did a lot of skateboarding. Although I stopped for a few years, I’m trying to get back to it now.

Tell us about your Trigraphy experience? How are you using it?

You can find a lot of photos edited with Trigraphy on my Instagram page @bubilibabili.
I don’t have certain pattern how to use it. Basically, when I see a picture in my gallery and think that it will work well with some of Trigraphy’s filters, I load the app. I have an idea which filter to use, but I still try out every picture effect, just to see how it will turn up. When I find what I’m looking for, I continue editing with the mask. I’m experimenting.

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When was the first time you received public recognition for your photos?

Recently I made a portrait of myself and I thought to myself – why not edit the photo with Trigraphy? I edited it and posted it on Instagram. At the beginning I didn’t think it was special, but then a lot of artists told me: “This is the best arty portrait you have done”. I told myself – OK, if artists like it, then let’s do more like it. So I made more portraits of people using the same picture effect and style and decided to make an exhibition.

How did the exhibition go?

The exhibition went amazing – It was in a gallery in Vienna. At some point of the opening night there were around 80 people all together and it was a bit overwhelming.

What’s next in your art career?

I’m thinking of making a second exhibition in Belgrade after I finish the cinematography project for my diploma.

Anything else you want to say?

If you have a good photo, you can make it even better with Trigraphy.
Trigraphy is one of my favorite picture editor apps for iPhone and making “mobile” art.

We want to thank Aleksandar for sharing his experience with editing pictures with Trigraphy. It means a lot that we help creative people express themselves.

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