What’s new?


Export & Import

project as .tri files.

New FX Overlays

  • Smaller project size
  • Pokkoy increased complexity and change in preset B
  • Zello and Feeta increase complexity


We have added a few in-app tutorials and we will add more soon ☺️ 

  • Fixed an issue for some new users where payment may not be recognised instantly
  • Fixed an issue where an infinite loader appears after restoring purchases

Import PNG layers

Now you can import PNG images as layers, add effects, color filters and textures and export back as transparent PNG. 

  • Major update to the effects – all effects respect the transparency in PNG files.
  • Adjustment layer now respects the transparency of the layers below.
  • Now you can import PNG layers, add effects, color filters and textures and export as transparent PNG.
  • We’ve made some underlying changes how the canvas works in preparation for future features.
  • Fixed an issue where the layers were blocking the interaction with the canvas
  • Fixed an issue where creating layer thumbnail may cause the app to crash

Featured Feed

Get weekly inspiration from our community Tag #trigraphy @trigraphyapp for a chance to be featured!

Unsplash Import

Beautiful, free images by the world’s most generous community of photographers. 

Pixabay Import

Image bank with a lot of free pictures, event transparent once – ideal for collages 😉 


Lossless export

Save the image as opaque .png to Files


Solid Color Layer

New layer type 

Duplicate Project

New projects feature – duplicate existing project 

Flip X / Y

New adjustment tools 

Bringing Back Fade Filter as DC6

Added Fade filter back (due to request) – you can find it under DC6 


Our biggest update to date - all new Trigraphy 4.0.

We want to hear what do you think about this update!

Find a bug?

If you find any bugs or unexpected behaviour please let us now at hi@trigraphyapp.com