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Nathan Duck is a young digital artist living in New Orleans.  In this tutorial he explains how he did a musical video for a young indie band.

Hi, I’m Nathan Duck!
I’m a digital artist from New Orleans. A while back I came across a band called The Harbor. I sent them a message offering to make an album cover or music video if they need it. They asked me to make a lyric video for their song Ghosts.

I spent two days trying to figure out how I was going to make the video. I remembered that Trigraphy can do 4K exporting, so I decided that would be a really good way to make some high-quality and stunning visuals.

I then went to stock photo sites to get the unedited pictures. It turned out that I had to get about fifty pictures to make this video. After I ran each picture through Trigraphy.
Then I put them through Photoshop to slice them up for after effects.


Then came the long part. All the frames had two or three pictures that had been edited in Trigraphy and cut up in Photoshop. Once imported into After effects, I took one part of the image and zoomed out, then one image zoomed in, to get dynamic motion.


That’s the good thing about the 4k export. I can zoom the image in and I don’t lose image quality.

It took me about a week to animate each photo, adding moving text with the song.

I couldn’t have been happier with the video. The technology behind Trigraphy and its effects made this video possible. I’ll definitely be using it in the future!

Here is the final result:

A post shared by nathan duck (@nvte.stuff) on

A post shared by nathan duck (@nvte.stuff) on

A post shared by nathan duck (@nvte.stuff) on

A post shared by nathan duck (@nvte.stuff) on

A post shared by nathan duck (@nvte.stuff) on

A post shared by nathan duck (@nvte.stuff) on

We thank Nate for sharing how he uses Trigraphy! It's great we can help artists in their work!
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