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Trigraphy turns ordinary pictures into extraordinary
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Sofia Kohanenko Adds Illusions in Real Life Photos

Learn how Sofia expresses here emotions through digital art and which editing apps she uses…  Tags , , October 4, 2017 Edit vamtam-theme-circle-post  Category Artists Stories

Meet Zak from Canada and His Nature Edits

Zak has multiple interests – he coaches gymnastics, makes music/visual art and just released his debut vinyl LP. He shares with us how he uses Trigraphy in his creative flow.  Tags , , September 19, 2017 Edit vamtam-theme-circle-post  Category General

5 ways to make your arty portrait using Trigraphy

In this tutorial we are going to show you 5 ways to make yourself an arty portrait using Trigraphy!  Tags , , September 8, 2017 Edit

Amazing and very artsy. Impress friends with this app it is very interesting and I love the modern kick to it! Go Trigraphy!!!

 — Sushi bagels

My new favorite app, so much fun and creativity within the app and the extra filter purchases. So the in app filter purchases are worth it. Definitely an art app I recommend for buying!! 🙂

 — brittneyblogs

Fabulous Modern Art Creator! With each update, app gets more amazing as more artistic effects are added (IAP’s are worth it!) It’s so simple to use and get just the artistic touch you like. Makes any bland, boring photo amazing. Highly recommend Trigraphy!

 — BAR112

Super Awesome. You can get some amazing images from this app. More unique than any other app I’ve used so far. You can get really creative with it if you spend a little time digging inside each effect. Love it.

 — bayleylucy

Trigraphy is on another level in the world of digital art. The quality of the effects, for free (or for a low price for either bundle), is overwhelming. But what knocks it out of the park is the Print Shop. The ability to streamline such a magnitude of a process, and bring it to life on different objects literally warms my soul. I’m very excited to make major league pieces with Trigraphy.

 — YoshuWhah

Block out some time when you use this app because it’s super addictive and fun. The high-resolution output looks fantastic. The in app purchases are worth it. I can’t recommend this app enough.

 — QuoteMe7

❤️ This is way cool, like working in photoshop but faster ??

 — amorations

It makes you look very skilled. Great app.

 — Farhall

Great fun. And is an inspiration for artistic expression and exploration.

 — m.u.r.t.h.y

? Great quality, no adds, no BS, good effects! Definitely stands out from the rest of the garbage out there.

 — f i >< e r

If you want a simple app with no ads and really good editing for beginner photographers than this is it.

 — Ulkon

Wow This is so great I get all the basic things I need to edit my photos and I love how you can use it on iPad Pro!

 — PhotoLover3141

Greay app. It makes me want to edit more keep up the great work.

 — Calebb

Absolutely stunning! Awesome and stunning. I am creating my prints for tshirts from this.

 — Abhishek – Adobe Systems

Great app! An amazing app with tons of features that provides incredible pictures. Love it!

 — IAmRedHawk