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What does Trigraphy do?
Trigraphy has two type of effects.
The first type - Dobro, Slovo and Givete. They use the original image and shift the pixels around based on different patterns.
The other type - all of the rest. They completely redraw the image with algorithms that use the colors and other features of the image.

Select photo

Last saved image

Last saved

Select from the last saved images directly from the bottom. To expand the gallery tap on the “+” button.



To use the camera tap the camera button at the bottom



To switch to another album tap the album button to the right

Browse Feed

Featured feed

Start dragging the photo to uncover the rest of our feed posts.


To return to the gallery drag the main menu to the middle or tap the “+”

Editing Photo



This is your working area. You can use two fingers to zoom or pan. If you zoom past 50% the icons on top will hide.



At the bottom is the menu. The icons from left to right: Effects, Textures, Filters, Mask, Adjustments

Flat tool


To switch to another album tap the album button to the right


Last Settings

Apply the last effect and its settings from the previously saved image.



Tap to apply the effect. Tap on the dice icon the randomize the effect’s settings. Tap the advanced icon to enter its advanced settings



Apply textures overlay. To change the opacity tap the advanced icon.

Color filters


Apply basic color filters. To change the strength of the filter tap the advanced icon.

Mask tool


Use the mask to erase parts of the effect to reveal the original image bellow.

Contrast and Saturation


Change contrast and saturation

Saving art


To open the Save & Share menu tap the export icon. First select the resolution you want to export to. To save the image to camera roll tap “Save”

Enabling 4k export

Enabling 4K

4K must be enabled before editing the image. To enable it go to About Menu from the home screen and switch on 4K. Wait for the assets to download.

Exiting editor

Exiting Editor

Tap the exit icon to exit editing mode


You can create different products from your images and get them delivered straight to your door.

Printing current image

Current Image

To print the current image that you are working on tap “Print” in the Save & Share menu.

Printing any image

Any Images

To print any images from your library tap “Print” from the home screen.

Getting Help

Getting help

Open the about menu. Tap on Support. The first time you send us a message you will have to type in your name and your e-mail on which we can contact you.

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