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Trigraphy 2.0 for iOS

Company Unveils Redesigned From the Ground Up Version Providing Entirely New Experience

New Features in Trigraphy 2.0 Include Effect and Presets, Masking Brush, Textures, Blending Modes, Photo Filters, Contrast, Sharpness, In-App Shop and 4K Export.

Bulgaria, Sofia – February 23, 2016 – Nixes has released all new and capable version 2.0 of Trigraphy for iOS, available now in the iTunes store for free.

Trigraphy 2.0

Introducing the next generation of Trigraphy for iOS. Redesigned from the ground up to provide better user experience and enhanced with new powerful features and tools, Trigraphy creates unique looking images in seconds. Users can combine distinctive effects and textures to create extraordinary and artistic images from their photos and go beyond just applying photo filters.

Trigraphy 2.0 targets both casual and advanced users. With its serendipitous randomize function at the tap of a finger everyone can get quick, marvelous results without investing time. The new masking tool, adjustments and adding unlimited layers of effects will appeal to more creative individuals allowing them to play around and fine tune the result to their liking. The finished artwork can be exported in 4096 by 4096 resolution ready to be printed.

“As Trigraphy was featured last year in the category Best New App I knew we were up to something. A lot of people liked the original app and we took a big risk with the new, redesigned and more grown up version. I believe that everyone will be pleasantly surprised and even more people will join the community by tagging their creations with #trigraphy” said the founder Nikolay Nankov.

Complete list of new features:

  • New effects
  • Every effect has a number of presets setting how it draws
  • Up to 3 custom properties per effect
  • More than 20 textures are added in the new version
  • Users can select from 7 well known blending modes
  • Generate an effect with random selected preset, settings and texture
  • Masking brush
  • Photo filters
  • Sharpness and contrast
  • In-app shop where users can get new effects
  • Export up to 4096 x 4096. This is a premium feature that can be purchased from the in-app shop
  • New inspirational feed featuring tutorials and the best images tagged with #trigraphy

Previous accomplishments:

  • Featured as Best New App in 17 Countries (including USA and Canada)
  • 150 000+ unique downloads
  • More than 2290 photos shared on Instagram with #trigraphy tag

Info About Nixes

Nixes is a small technology company focusing on building creative tools. The company was founded by Nikolay Nankov and later joined by Martin Ivanov.


Bulgaria, Sofia
Nikolay Nankov, CEO

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